Reservation at Umezushi

  • The reservation asks for card details as a form of deposit. No charges will be made against the card unless late cancelations or no shows occur. All card details are stored at a secure remote payment processing facility (a bit like PayPal) and we will have no direct access to the card details.
  • Late cancellations (after 12:00 of the booked dinning date) or no-shows for dinner reservations (after 17:30) will incur a charge of £20 per person.
  • Just give us a ring if you are running late, and we will try our best to accommodate. If we don't hear from you, we will hold the table for 20 minutes.

Our Suppliers

Quality ingredients are the very essence of Umezushi's offering. And we cannot achieve this without our devoted suppliers. It is their dedication that enables us to bring you excellent quality fish, meat, vegetables and beverages. Below is a list of suppliers who have gone that extra mile for Umezushi, so in turn they deserve our full support and recognition...